Study Cultural Fields in Turku!

In Turku and the Turku region, you can study various subjects and skills related to culture. There are plenty of study options available for different life stages and perspectives. Some programs require prior studies, while others are designed as the first education in the field. Studies can be pursued as full-time studies, part-time studies alongside work, or entirely online. The studies can lead to a degree or enhance your expertise in your desired field. Most of the studies can only be completed in Finnish or in Swedish, but check out the courses in English from your tutor.

Are you a doer?

In Turku, you can study at the Turku Conservatory and the Turku University of Applied Sciences’ Arts Academy to become e.g. a musician, visual artist, dancer, or circus artist. Or perhaps you are interested in music technology or film?

Are you an observer?

You can acquire a research education in the field of culture at Åbo Akademi University or the University of Turku. You can choose a major in cultural history, ethnology, folklore studies, art history, literature, or musicology, for example.

Are you an organizer?

Humak University of Applied Sciences offers studies to become a cultural producer, and Turku University of Applied Sciences offers studies to become a media producer.

Interested in leadership?

You can study arts and cultural management at Åbo Akademi University and Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Are you drawn to entrepreneurship?

There are entrepreneurship studies in the cultural field available at Humak University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences. General business and entrepreneurship programs are also suitable for those planning cultural business activities. Guidance is provided, for example, by Business Turku.

Interested in everything?

Are you interested in combining the aforementioned studies? You can find information about cross-disciplinary studies on our study tray. Inquire your tutor about the possibilities of cross-disciplinary studies and pursuing studies simultaneously at different educational institutions.


Check the Offerings on

The Finnish National Agency for Education’s service is a good starting point for exploring educational offerings in the cultural field. However, you can see the full range of options by clicking on the links and exploring further. Enter “kulttuuri” or “kultur” in the search field, along with “Varsinais-Suomi,” to find cultural and artistic subjects that can be studied in the Turku region.

Studies in Finnish: Hakutulokset – Opintopolku

Studies in Swedish: Hakutulokset – Opintopolku


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