The Turku region offers a rich cultural arena and an excellent working environment for businesses in the cultural and creative industries.

Are you considering a career in the arts or cultural sector? Take a look at the artist’s product development toolkit (PDF) and sample stories (PDF) for inspiration.

Interested in starting a cultural or creative business? Contact the business advisor at Business Turku: From Idea to Enterprise | Business Turku and explore the training programs offered by Creve: Creve – Business Services for Creative Industries at Humak.

Curious about the Turku region as a business environment? Looking to expand your business? Contact Teija Raninen, the Head of the Experience Industry at Business Turku: tel. +358 50 559 0549.

Exciting things are happening here!

Last year, 14 different film and TV productions were shot and produced in Turku, creating opportunities for various professionals. Established cultural actors, diverse cultural events, Finland’s best restaurant scene, and amazing event venues like Logomo contribute to vibrant tourism and local cultural activities. The audiovisual and virtual technology sectors, as well as the gaming industry, are actively developed in Turku’s universities, offering versatile education in the cultural field. Moreover, high-quality design expertise from Turku is spreading worldwide, for example, through top-notch cruise ships.

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Links to websites:

From Idea to Enterprise

Tourism, film & the gaming industry

Expertise and Networks for Creative Industry Entrepreneurship from Creve