Cultural sector operator, join the network of Culture Campus Turku!

The Turku region is a vibrant, diverse, and internationally recognized cultural hub. Culture Campus Turku engages in active and interdisciplinary network collaboration. The operating environment of the cooperation group includes the third sector, cultural institutions, and cultural well-being.

Through cooperation, we create new opportunities to leverage the expertise of professionals. We establish contacts and dialogue between art, science, creative industries, and the workforce. Culture Campus’s expert network promotes societal discourse in the cultural field and actively participates in it.

If you work in the cultural sector, please bring your expertise to our network!

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In our expert search, you can use the search function to find experts in the cultural industry.

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On our bulletin board, you can search for a partner to brainstorm or organize an event, or find an employee for your project.

Contact Us

Chair of the Collaboration Group: Tuija Alihaanperä,, 040 627 6945

Coordinator for Kulturcampus Åbo: Anu Juva,, 0500 535 371.