Communications at the Cultural Campus Turku are handled by the campus coordinator in cooperation with the Campus Communication group. The Communications group includes a communications officer from each background organisation. Communication is also developed in the Cooperation group.

In the News section of its website, Culture Campus Turku mainly communicates news related to the cooperation of its background organisations as well as some news of general interest that is considered important, such as funding application information events.

On LinkedIn, we publish news from the cultural sector with a low threshold:

The members of the Communications group communicate about the activities of the Cultural Campus through the communication channels of their own background organisation.

Members of the Communication Group

Emma Björkqvist, Åbo Akademi
Sini Saarinen, The City of Turku
Jarmo Röksä, Humak University of Applied Sciences
Tommi Saalas, Turku conservatorium
Tapani Mylly, Business Turku
Satu Haapala, Turku University of Applied Sciences
Rosa Lampela, University of Turku