Culture Campus Turku

Culture Campus Turku is a network of Turku University, Åbo Akademi, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Humak, Turku Conservatory, Turku Science Park Ltd and the City of Turku. We strengthen the strategic co-operation between universities, other educational institutes, businesses, third sector actors, and the City. The Turku area is developed together into an even more vibrant, international, and European city of academia and culture.

Our goal is to make the culture sector and its impact more visible and strengthen the attractiveness of the region. We also aim at creating more culture field jobs and businesses.

Culture Campus Turku also acts as a strong shared voice in national and international networks and increases the financing for the region through its activities.

Culture Campus Turku is an open platform for renewing, experimenting, and developing content, research, and business. Culture Campus Turku is leading the way!

Culture Campus Turku’s mission, vision, and strategic goals (PDF)

Culture Campus Turku